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  • Monday, February 22, 2016 1:40 PM
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    Palo Verde Behavioral Hospital is hiring a full-time Recreation Therapist with a $1500 sign-on bonus for a recreation therapist with current CTRS designation.

    For more information or to pursue this position, you may contact Michelle Carrasco via e-mail at:

    or by phone at (520) 322-2766.

    Job Description:

    • Organizes and coordinates therapeutic activity programs to effect improvement in the physical, mental, and social well-being of patients. Prepares reports on patient progress, and with the consensus of the treatment team, modifies programs in accordance with the patient’s needs and capacities.


    Clinical Skills 
    • Provides a variety of types of activities to meet individual patient needs. Establishes leisure educational programs. 
    • Encourages patients and families to participate in recreational programs. 
    • Develops, conducts, and evaluates comprehensive recreational program plans and objectives to meet individual patient needs in coordination with other team members. 
    • Organizes records, maintains, and orders equipment and supplies. 
    • Provides care to patients in a manner that considers safety, respect, comfort, and the therapeutic environment. 
    • Documents delivery of treatment services and patient progress. 
    • Relates with patients, public, and team members in a manner conducive to a harmonious working environment in which patient-centered goals are achieved. 
    • Supervises and maintains close communication with the volunteers to maximize their contributions. 
    • Maintains established departmental policies and procedures including those that govern confidentiality, objectives, quality improvement program, risk management/safety, environmental and infection control standards. 
    • Adheres to Palo Verde Behavioral Health organizational and department-specific safety, confidentiality, values, policies and standards. 
    • Performs related duties as assigned. 

    Patient Care

    • Coordinate care with referral sources and other involved professionals 
    • Maintain regular communication with family members as appropriate 
    • Return phone calls to professionals and family in a timely manner 
    • Encourage patients to participate fully in all aspects of the treatment program 
    • Educate all patients, whenever possible, about ways to facilitate recovery 
    • Follow safety practices as outlined in Palo Verde Behavioral Health policies and procedures 
    • Follow the protocol and guidelines of the inpatient program and other formal treatment programs 
    • Help patients benefit from their insurance by timely completion of all paperwork, returning phone calls, and actively participating in utilization management 


    • Seek consultation and supervision on specific cases as needed from colleagues at Palo Verde Behavioral Health 

    Medical Records

    • Complete formal assessments and reports within specified time lines 
    • Chart each session and all relevant contact related to the patient on day of contact 
    • Chart entries should record the patient’s response to treatment, current mental status, progress in the program, and need for continued treatment if appropriate 
    • Chart to specific treatment plan goals according to Palo Verde Behavioral Health guidelines 
    • Ensure the treatment plan is completed and on the chart within the specified time frame 
    • Complete a group therapy note for all patients in group therapy within specified time lines 

    Professionalism & Ethics

    • Be dependable, punctual, accountable and use time productively 
    • Be prompt to meetings and in starting therapy sessions 
    • Contribute to the positive image and reputation of the company 
    • Make contributions to improvement of Palo Verde Behavioral Health treatment programs on a regular basis 
    • Participate on committees and help with projects as requested 
    • Be familiar with and implement Palo Verde Behavioral Health treatment program guidelines 
    • Acquire and maintain knowledge regarding the patient population served 
    • Be aware of personal limitations and seek help accordingly 
    • Maintain proper boundaries with patients and teach them to do likewise 
    • Treat patients, staff members, professionals and family members with respect and courtesy 
    • Discuss rights of confidentiality with patients and maintain confidentiality of patient information 


    • Initiate opportunities to receive feedback and help 
    • Accept constructive criticism and feedback and use it to improve performance 
    • Be responsive to direction and follow through on assigned tasks 


    • Attend in-service and staff training meetings 
    • Attend Social Services Department meeting and support other therapists and treatment modalities 
    • Attend Inpatient Treatment Team Meetings and actively participate in treatment planning for all patients 
    • Seek opportunities to support other therapists’ patients 
    • Contribute to achievement of performance improvement and actively participate in PI activities as needed.

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy or a closely related therapy field. 
    • One (1) year of experience as a Recreational Therapist strongly preferred. 
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills, time management, crisis intervention, and group and individual psychotherapy required 

    • Must be able to observe patient behaviors and write notes in medical charts 
    • Must be able to physically assist or restrain patients in compliance with the restraint policy 

    • Keep current with continuing education requirements for State licensure 
    • Maintain current professional license 
    • Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Crisis Prevention Instruction (CPI) required. Dept Specific: Valid fingerprint clearance card

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